Digital Literacy and Security Cum PLAI-CARLC General Assembly 2018


Libraries around the world have been playing a vital role in linking the distance between those who have and who do not have access to free and vital information existing in different forms and formats. Accordingly, libraries existed to help create an informed society and advocate digital literacy along with security tips by offering excellent resources necessary for life-long learning and varied literacy programs. The library embraces the social responsibility to offer services that will bridge the cultural, educational, religious, and economical diversity.

To enhance the implementation or delivery of multi-literacy programs. Hence, this activity draws inspiration from the 21st century skills trends, IFLA data protection policy, and the National Privacy Commission of the Philippines.

Theme: Emerging elements of 21st century information professionals


  1. To provide knowledge behind the emerging digital technologies
  2. Educate participants on digital literacy, security, and ethics
  3. To exchange knowledge on appropriate methodologies and ethical issues in digital literacy, multimodal practices in digital security, and to foster innovation in this area of profession.

Topics and Schedules:

 October 11, 2018

            Time Activity Details
7:30-8:30am Registration


c/o Secretariat
8:31- 9:30am Opening Ceremonies Invocation, national anthem, welcome remarks, and seminar mechanics
9:31-9-59am Break  


11:01: 12:00

First lecture


Second  Lecture

Cyber hygiene (Mobile, computer, databases and network security)/ Buford Laruan (Network administrator,  BSU)


Diversity of Data: RDA in the International Context/  Joven Donga-as,CL II,  BSU

12:01- 1:29:pm Lunch break
1:00-1:30pm Product demonstration RFID technologies for libraries. / Wiserf
1:31pm-3:00pm Third lecture Data Privacy Act of 2012 or RA 10173/ Atty. Reynante Basco, BSU

4:01- 5:00pm





Updates on librarianship and COGS/Prof. Thelma Kim, Former PLAI National President.


October 12, 2018 

8:00-8:29am Registration c/o Secretariat
8:30- 9:30am Fourth lecture Ethical practices in the digital era/ Christian Acevedo. Chief Librarian. Capiz State University
10:00-11:00am Fifth lecture Data Protection/ Reynante S.  Marrero, BSU
11:01-12:00 Six lecture Data management and privacy initiatives of BSU library / Karl Sibayan. CL 1, BSU
1:00-1:29pm Product demonstration Britannica/ Cristy Carlos
1:30-3:00pm c/o CARLC officers President’s report & General assembly
3:01-3:30pm Break
3:31-4:00pm c/o Secretariat Distribution of Certificates and closing program


  • UP-Baguio Library
  • In cooperation with Philippine Librarians Association Incorporated- Cordilllera Administrative Region Librarians Council


  • PLAI-CARLC Officers
  • PLAI members
  • Non- PLAI member participant/s
  • Secretariat

Date and Venue: 

October  11&12, 2018; 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Sarmiento Hall, UP- Baguio City.

 Working Committees:

  • Registration:  Nami Lopez, Clara Patnaan, Carl Sibayan & Novie graille Madalang
  • Kits: Lauren Kipaan, Easter Pablo, Selly Madalang and Karl Sibayan
  • Food: Menchie Mangahas, Amelia Cendana & UP Baguio librarians
  • Hall preparation: UP Baguio Librarians and Andres Aten-an
  • Documentation:  Gladys Wakat & Jocelyn Dagusen
  • Printing: Florita Garcia, Karl Sibayan, & Andres Aten-an
  • Layout: Verna Dumecquias
  • Ways and means: Lauren Kipaan & Amelia Cendana
  • Promotions: Marilou Pasion & PLAI-CARLC Officers
  • Master of Ceremonies: Julie De la Pena & Marilou Pasion
  • Accommodation: Amelia Cendana & UPB Librarians
  • Tokens/ Honorariums: Carl Sibayan & Lauren Kipaan
  • Restoration: UP Librarians & PLAI-CARLC Officers

Download here:

Open Invitation for Participants

PLAICARLC Program paper


  1. Wiserf Technologies Inc.
  2. Amathea Educational Systems
  3. Serv Enterprises
  4. Airbooks- Universal Magazine
  5. Forfront Book Company


Pictures during the Seminar


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